Kabagis Farm

Who would have thought that farming will be the biggest reason for a person to change instead of always thinking suicide to be the resolution of every problem. A new perspective for a new Jhelyn Vicente

How they survive

Jhelyn Vicente and Rona Liza Tungay are sisters who manage Kabagis Farm which is located in Taloy Norte Tuba, Benguet. These farmers provide baguio beans, sitaw, ube and pechay tagalog.

They let other farmers pay rental for their farm 6000 per year. Sometimes, they do their farming hoping they get lucky for selling it at a good price, if not they have to stop because they got nothing for investment on planting vegetables again. Jhelyn usually goes to other farms and work so they can survive their day. She can see a big change from their life before and now partnering with Session Groceries. They try to live with 1500.00 for a week to sustain their families’ needs. Jhelyn narrated that her husband would do farming but if the vegetables were sold for a very cheap price they wish to have a little return of investment and if its not enough they would have debt from the supplier. They are able to pay their debt if vegetables are being sold higher.

Who is Jhelyn before and after

Starting the story of Kabagis Farm & Session Groceries, Jhelyn didn’t appreciate tasks given to them, they have to listen, they have to answer what was asked. Thinking that it is not needed when farming, but eventually she appreciated why Session Groceries asked them to do it. She never expected the tasks will be a foundation for their farm to be successful and for herself to be motivated. A lot of people have said she changed in a positive way and she humbly says she’s not sure if it's true.

Jhelyn had a very negative perception in life, what she knows as a solution for everything is to be gone forever. Now, she tries to look for that “suicidal’ thinking she had in her mind before, but she can’t even find it. She is reminded that the negative things were because of wrong decisions she made in the past. What she can vision right now is the hope, the new perspective in life that she was given a chance to make her life better.

A reward for the betterment

Jhelyn and Rona Liza already have a Water pump, hose and a grass cutter for their farm. They were able to make their farm better than before. The farm they had for rental, is now in operation and is being managed by these two sisters from Kabagis farm. They more appreciate their farm today, as it was also their first time to put mulching in their farm which is a big help for them that lessens the growth of grasses.

Simple goal for a simple life

Like all of us, Jhelyn just wanted to make sure she’s able to provide food for her children, that she’s able to give allowance for them before going to school. She didn’t expect that she’ll be able to do this consistently and she’s able to save money as well. She was thankful that she had more than what she wanted, having the farm better, and a big market she never imagined she could have. In return, she still wants to have additional and better equipment for their farm so