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Session Groceries Farm to Table is an app that connects local farmers and consumers to support local agribusiness, promote a sustainable lifestyle and educate the local community on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food.

Featured Farmer: Tucdaan's Farm

Leon, 38-year old who sees himself so small for being a farmer, was led to a brighter future and able to achieve his goals. Who never rejects opportunities that come along the way, and his openness made him earn 1.8M in 365 days

Leon from Tucdaan Farm has been farming for 8 years before he opened his arms to a new opportunity with Session Groceries. He feels no value for himself being a farmer and not one of the lucky people who get to be in college and be a professional.

"Ham for Holidays"

One thing that should not be missed during this holiday! Available in the app, grab yours now!

Featured Products

Fruit Set perfect for your Holiday Season

by Green Delights Farm

Saldivar just got his farm prepared for your fruit set that will definitely complete your Noche Buena & Media Noche. Open your App and add this to cart.

Macapuno on SALE

by Atchara House

Macapuno on SALE perfect for this holiday for your tapioca & fruit salad.

Promo until supply lasts.

Succulent Set

by Norvi's Farm

The new favorite stress reliver of them all is here! One of the people's choice for a Christmas Present! Grab yours NOW!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Maria Vannesa Bal

Definitely grade A+++ for their advocacy and for the over-all service they provided me (customer service, packaging, handling and delivery of the items). Superb quality of veggies and other goodies that you can buy from their app. 💯✨✨✨ Maraming pong salamat, hindi po ako nagkamali sa pagpili na bumile sa inyo!

Carmela P. Española

These are exactly the reason why I love Session Groceries: your willingness to listen, quality products and most especially your commitment to helping farmers. You make investing in my health and wellness so easy and enjoyable. More power to you and the community of farmers you're supporting! :)

KC Avejar

My first order from Session Groceries! These were delivered last Saturday but I just got home. Look how fresh they are.

Thanks Session Groceries for a hassle free transaction! Let's support our local farmers!



Loudette Kintana Bustamante

Commendable service and good quality! Buying from them = helping our local farmers. Kudos!

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