Our Partners

Atchara House

Farmer Owner : MyAtcharaHouseProducts : Atchara

Atokape Farm

Farmer Owner: Michael EvascoProducts: Atokape CoffeeAtokape Wine

Benedicto Farm

Farmer Owner : Lorenzo Benedicto Products : Cucumber Pineapple (S, M, L)

Camus Farm

Farmer Owner: Jojemar CamuProducts: Egg Salted

Chemaly Farm Products

Farmer Owner : Jon Ro ChemalyProducts : SitawTomato


Farmer Owner : Sonny Mercado Products : BagnetLonganisaMarsha's BibingkaVigan Chichacorn Crunchy Corn

Dalikan Supplier

Farmer Owner: Tom DalikanProducts : Fruit SlushVinaigrette Balasang (Red Chili)Vinaigrette Nalasang (Green Chili)

Damayos Farm

Farm Owner: Jhun Vic DamayoProduct: BalikutsaBlack BeansGarlic (Native - S,M,L)Malagkit RiceMonggo BeansMuscovadoPataniPigeon PeaRed BeansWhite Beans

Eanah's Farm

Products : Dried Strawberry

Echostore Sustainable Lifestyle

Farmer Owner: Chit JuanProduct: Adlai Grits GrainsChit's Blend Coffee (Ground, White beans)Choco Loco
  • Chocolate Tablea
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Pure Cacao Nibs
Crab Paste (Spicy, Taba ng Talangka)Echocafe Drip Coffee in BagTea Duo, Honest Herbs
  • Breathe, Lagundi & Guyabano, 12pcs
  • Cleanse, Lemongrass & Pandan, 12pcs
  • Energize,Malungay & Turmeric, 12pcs
  • Refresh, Banaba & Guyabano, 12pcs

Good Shepherd Baguio

Products : Blueberry JamMango JamOrange MarmaladePeanut BrittleUbe Jam

Green Delights Farm

Farmer Owner: Saldivar Gorio GarambasProducts: Banana
  • Cavendish
  • Lakatan
  • Latundan / Cantong
  • Saba
Dragon Fruit
  • Red, Large, 600 - 800 grams
  • Red, Medium, 470 - 580 grams
  • Red, Small, 350 - 460 grams
Etag or Sundry Meat
  • Ordinary Etag, Ingr:Salt only
  • Spicy Etag, Ingr: Salt, Siling Laboyo,Turmeric,Ginger,Garlic
KalabasaLemonOnion (Red / White)Papaya (unripe, Green)

Griller's Frozen Favorites

Farmer Owner : Nicole Dipasupil Bautista/Griller's Bbq to Go
Products : BBQ
  • Liempo, 400 grams
  • Pork, 6"-12 pieces
  • Pork, 8"-12 pieces
Burong TuyoLonganisa
  • De Recado, 1 Dozen
  • Sweet 'N' Hot, 1 Dozen
  • Pork, 500 grams
  • Beef, 250 grams

Highland Aquaponics

Product: Mixed Lettuce

Ilde's Goodies

Farmer Owner: Liane AlexandraProduct: Peanuts With Dilis

Just Bake Coz

Farmer Owner : Jayson Delos Santos Arorong
Products : Brownies (Red velvet creamcheese)Cinnamon Rolls (w/ Cream Cheese Frosting Topped with Roasted Nuts)Ensaymada
  • Triple Cheese
  • Ube Cheese
Loaf Bread
  • Basil & Garlic
  • Milky
  • Pasley & Cheese
Pandesal (Ube, Creamy & Cheese)

Kimayong Farm

Farmer Owner : Rowell Kimayong
Products : AlfalfaRosemary (leaves)

Lily of the Valley

Products: CabbageCarrotCeleryOnion LeeksParsleySayote (fruit)Wombok

Mario's Farm

Farmer Owner: Mario Gayang
Products : PechayPolonchay Potato
  • Baby
  • Big
  • Medium
  • Marble

Mat-ans' Farm

Farmer Owner: Brina Mat-an
Product: Broom (walis tambo)Lemon Grass

Mixed Farm

Farmer Owner:
Products : Avocado Black Rice Mango (Unripe, Green )Raisin Bread (BCC)

Mothers Farm

Farmer Owner: dian vicente-arceo Product: Baguio BeansChicharoDried BarbasanDried BisugoDried DanggitDried DapaDried EspadaDried FishDried FishMustardOnion LeeksPatolaSaltUpo

Norvi Farms

Farmer Owner: Luzviminda Loquio Salman
Product: Succulent

Novie's Farm

Farmer Owner: Novelita diego lagaban
Products :
CitronellaDoormatFoot RugFoot RugHoneyPlantPlantsRosemaryTable MatTable RunnerTaragonVeggie MixedVeggie MixedVeggie MixedVeggie MixedVeggie MixedVeggie NachosVeggie NachosVeggie NachosVeggie NachosVeggie NachosVeggie NachosVeggie SticksVeggie Sticks

Queen Mother's Farm

Farmer Owner: Jemalyn Concepcion Dimas
Products :
Arrowroot CookiesCashew CookiesCashew Nuts Crunchy Roasted CashewsChia SeedsChoco FlakesCrispy Pili With HoneyLenguaLengua De GatoMeringuePeanut AdoboPeanut BrittlePeanut ButterPot HolderRugSnowballsToasted Peanuts with Garlic

Quindong Farm

Farmer Owner: Kindong Quindong
Product: Vinegar (Kuratchia)

Remico's Farm

Farmer Owner: Ronnie
Products : BasilBell PepperCauliflowerSpinach

Sahoy Farm

Farmer Owner: Girlie Gayang Sahoy/Alfred Sawie
Product: AlugbatiCactusCamoteGumamela PlantLettuceMushroom (button)Piti Mini Rose PlantSucculentSugar BeetsYoung Corn


Farmer Owner: Diana Morales
Products :
  • Rose

Suarez Farm

Farmer Owner: Mark Suarez
Product: Dinorado Rice (mindoro)

Succs and Cacs Handy Crafts

Farmer Owner: Succs and cacs (aklan)
Products :
  • Basket

Tucdaan's Farm

Farmer Owner: Leon tucdaan
  • Betel Nut
  • Camote
  • Carrot
  • Kale
  • Kiniing
  • Lime
  • Parsley
  • Peppermint

TYR Enterprises

Farmer Owner: Liane Alexandra
Products :
  • Cajun Seafood w/ Corn & Sauce

Malakas Farm

Farmer Owner: Nomer MalakasProduct:
  • Red Rice

Kiboa Ridge Farm

General Manager: Patricia De Villa
Products :
  • 100% Raw Organic Honey
  • Sardines

Dicar Farm

Farmer Owner: Product:

This Week's Top Story

By Sahoy Farm

The same month of last year, another farm was invited to be part of Session Groceries’ advocacy. The Sahoy Farm. Managed by Girlie together with his husband. They rent a farm in Balili La Trinidad, Benguet. Owned by BSU (Benguet State University), Girlie pays rent every month. While they try to buy their own farm in Atok Benguet, they work hard to get more customers so they will have enough funds to finally get a farm they can call their own. Read full article.

Other Amazing Partner Stories

When being together makes them stronger, a husband and wife who patiently work together in farming and never gave up even if they have to sell crops for as low as Php5.00 per kilo, they were still goal-oriented and never made struggles a big deal forFebruary 16, 2021 - Alfredo Farm them

By Alfredo Farm

When being together makes them stronger, a husband and wife who patiently work together in farming and never gave up even if they have to sell crops for as low as Php5.00 per kilo, they were still goal-oriented and never made struggles a big deal for them. Read full article.

By Mat-An's Farm

Brina from our known partner for our colored brooms is a 41 year old farmer from Sablan. She was a sales lady in a grocery store before starting farming with her husband in 2003 . They supply broom, lemongrass, guyabano leaves, guava leaves & pandan leaves. The farm they use was owned by her husband’s siblings. They were not able to give their share in the farm before because what they get from selling crops is not that enough until Session Groceries came along their way. Read full article.

By Kabagis Farm

Jhelyn Vicente and Rona Liza Tungay are sisters who manage Kabagis Farm which is located in Taloy Norte Tuba, Benguet. These farmers provide baguio beans, sitaw, ube and pechay tagalog. They let other farmers pay rental for their farm 6000 per year. Sometimes, they do their farming hoping they get lucky for selling it at a good price, if not they have to stop because they got nothing for investment on planting vegetables again. Jhelyn usually goes to other farms and work so they can survive their day. She can see a big change from their life before and now partnering with Session Groceries. They try to live with 1500.00 for a week to sustain their families’ needs. Jhelyn narrated that her husband would do farming but if the vegetables were sold for a very cheap price they wish to have a little return of investment and if its not enough they would have debt from the supplier. They are able to pay their debt if vegetables are being sold higher. Read full article.

By Tucdaan's Farm

Leon from Tucdaan Farm has been farming for 8 years before he opened his arms to a new opportunity with Session Groceries. He feels no value for himself being a farmer and not one of the lucky people who get to be in college and be a professional. His parents are also farmers from the known one of the tourist spots in the Philippines which is in Banaue Rice Terraces so Leon and his siblings also learned to do rice farming. He wasn’t able to finish his studies because his family didn’t have enough for his college. He stopped studying and tried working in a furniture shop so he could support his siblings. Read full article.

By Chemaly Farm

Jonas from Chemaly farm thinks about the business being fragile. For having an inconsistent market, he loses hope for not having a good market where he could sell his products. He doesn’t settle for less, Jonas knows that as a farmer he has the right to sell his vegetables with the right price. . Read full article.

By Ortega's Farm

Dian Vicente is from Mother’s Farm. She’s 41 years old, a mother of two and lives in Tuba Benguet. She worked in Baguio as a warehouse staff for Php295.00 per day but didn’t go well as she didn’t feel happy doing the job. Dian went back to her home and did farming, it was what her parents taught her for a living. She wanted to do farming because she knows it is safe to eat. In farming, she’s the boss, the employee and now a trader of her own products. Read full article.

By Ortega's Farm

With their children’s future in mind and wanting to help her husband who worked as a carpenter, Jocelyn started her garden with just 100 square meters of land. She thought of farming because that was the only option she had as a stay at home mom. She tended to her garden while her child was asleep. Good thing they had the garden near the house. If she had plenty to do for the day - Jocelyn would wake up at dawn and work hard at her garden and later sell vegetables to the neighborhood, friends, and in the market. Read full article.

By Jessica of Hill's Farm

“Unang una po ung uplifment po namin sa mga sarili namin bilang magsasaka, na hindi porket magsasaka eh hanggang dun na lang, na pupuwede palang umasenso sa pagsasaka, tinuro sa amin ng Session Groceries ang tamang pag market ng aming tanim, ang malasakit sa isat isa mga kasamahan naming mga magsasaka, na sa pagtutulungan namin maaabot din namin ang aming mga pangarap”

By Saldivar Gorio Gambas

“Ako po si Saldivar Gorio Garambas tubong taga Kamog,Sablan,Benguet isang mapagmahal na magsasaka... Ang net icome q po sa dalawang taon noon ay halos katumbas nang imcome q sa isa o dalawang buwan ngaun... Session Groceries pinabago at pinaangat ang aking status at pananaw sa buhay... Naging mapagkumbaba,marespeto sa mga kapwa magsasaka at sa lahat ng nakakasalamuha lalo sa mga mapagmahal na custumer... Dahil po jan nagkaroon po ng magandang bunga..." Read full article