Tucdaan Farm

Leon, 38-year old who sees himself so small for being a farmer, was led to a brighter future and able to achieve his goals. Who never rejects opportunities that come along the way, and his openness made him earn 1.8M in 365 days

Leon from Tucdaan Farm has been farming for 8 years before he opened his arms to a new opportunity with Session Groceries. He feels no value for himself being a farmer and not one of the lucky people who get to be in college and be a professional. His parents are also farmers from the known one of the tourist spots in the Philippines which is in Banaue Rice Terraces so Leon and his siblings also learned to do rice farming. He wasn’t able to finish his studies because his family didn’t have enough for his college. He stopped studying and tried working in a furniture shop so he could support his siblings. Being in a different field of work didn’t work out for him, Leon went back to farming, working with his uncle’s farm in La Trinidad Benguet, this time it’s not rice but flowers. That’s when he met his better half, his wife back then is already into organic farming. He also took the step of organic farming and applied what he learned in organic agriculture for 10 years now.

His ambition made him motivated

Leon wanted a house he can call his. But it was never easy saving money for a house, he usually receives enough for his family’s needs. He joined Session Groceries in 2019 and his goal is to make sure he will be able to support his family. Leon never realized how big it could change their life from his dreams making it a reality. From the training he attended, he was motivated more to work harder to achieve his goals. Leon gained self-confidence, he got goals not only for his family but also having his social responsibility by providing safe and chemical free vegetables to his bigger market in Session Groceries. From renting a farm to having his own farm to take care of.

Leon and Emily Says Thank You

During the interview, he never forgets who helped him, Session Groceries and of course our very supportive customers who have unending helping hands to appreciate local farmers like Leon. He’s grateful for having you as his market, because Leon is now able to provide everything for his family. And to return his appreciation, he always makes sure that he will not just check the freshness but to make sure the vegetables are chemical free so his customers get the right nutrients. Leon becomes health conscious, and that’s how he takes care of you. His quality check is different, he considers checking how it is being taken care of before harvesting, he also makes sure that it is being harvested at the right stage of maturity so everyone can get the full nutrients. Leon’s farm produces Curry Kale as his banner crop, and also has herbs like coriander/ cilantro, arugula, flat parsley, choy sum flowering, carrots, lemon green, camote orange, smoked meat & honey. He also sells processed food like dragon fruit jam, guava jam, garlic chili paste and sweet alamang that is perfect for green mangoes.