Mat-An's Farm

A simple farmer who earned 100k higher before meeting Session Groceries along their way to success.

Brina from our known partner for our colored brooms is a 41 year old farmer from Sablan. She was a sales lady in a grocery store before starting farming with her husband in 2003 . They supply broom, lemongrass, guyabano leaves, guava leaves & pandan leaves. The farm they use was owned by her husband’s siblings. They were not able to give their share in the farm before because what they get from selling crops is not that enough until Session Groceries came along their way,

Mat-An’s farm learned about Session Groceries through their cooperative who is assigned for their place’s marketing analysis, Laarnie. When Brina started partnership with Session Groceries there were a lot of changes from what their farm was before. She was able to open their own bank account, was able to save money for their future and able to buy their own car to deliver products for Session Groceries’ customers. Her mindset & perception in life turned 360 degrees after learning a lot from the team. They plan to plant additional crops like fruits, also to take care of goats and egg layers as additional to their business.

Brina looked back to where she and her husband started, she said they never think about their goal and with the influence of Session Groceries, they’ve got their plans for a better future. She learned how to be resourceful of their farm so they can get more produce. Brina and Marlon earned Php50,000-80,000 per year before, without the partnership with Session Groceries during this pandemic she thinks they will definitely have lower than their profit they had before. Mat-An’s farm has earned more than Php150,000.00 especially during ECQ.

Brina and Marlon want to say thank you for everyone who continuously supports them, to Session Groceries whose been a big help for them to start a new chapter in their farming. She is very grateful as this has been an opportunity for them to make their business bigger. They are much happy to be part of the Session Groceries team who provides good quality & freshly harvested products. She hopes that the team will be able to help more farmers like her so they could learn more. Brina personally says thank you to all customers who supports farmers like them, her family who witnessed their journey to success and most of all, to Iloisa who’ve been the farmers’ number 1 believer who never been tired of sharing everything a farmer needs so they can get what they deserve in the field of agricultural business and that’s how she will remember her.