A person who finds happiness in farming, aiming to provide safe & healthy foods to her family and consumers, she earned herself 1Million within six months

Dian Vicente is from Mother’s Farm. She’s 41 years old, a mother of two and lives in Tuba Benguet. She worked in Baguio as a warehouse staff for Php295.00 per day but didn’t go well as she didn’t feel happy doing the job. Dian went back to her home and did farming, it was what her parents taught her for a living. She wanted to do farming because she knows it is safe to eat. In farming, she’s the boss, the employee and now a trader of her own products.

Before the bigger market

It was hard for Diana to finance her garden and the return of investment isn’t enough if she’s able to sell. She also has an organic outlet but the issue is about products that can’t be sold which is called “pull out”. Dian didn’t have self confidence before, and always thinks of how she and her family could survive a day. She earns Php1,800 per week, which isn’t enough for a family. She dreams of widening her garden and a beautiful house. Dian never expected it’s possible with hard work and for having Session Groceries as her partner.

A Mother & a Farmpreneur

When you are a working mom, you are known to be good at multitasking. She goes to farm along with her kids and she teaches her children to do some stuff so she can assign them on that task, while she does the farming she’s able to teach and take care of them.

Dian didn't have enough money to go attend seminars in Baguio or La Trinidad which she needed to travel far, she had to borrow for fare just so she could learn and help her business grow, now that she’s got a bigger market, she is able to attend meetings anytime it is being called. She always makes sure of her products’ quality, Dian never settles for “good, she wants the best quality. Starting from her garden, quality check is already being checked and also at the sorting facility of Session Groceries.

Session Groceries impact to Dian

Dian feels the security of the business because she was able to get a bigger market through Session Groceries, even for a small amount of investment. She learned how much is the real value of her products and how she’s able to concentrate on farming. Dian is very grateful for Session Groceries coming her way, she didn’t give up on farming and she even got goals for the family. She strives for the best so she could reach her dreams on a bigger farm, facilities in the farm so other farmers can learn too. She also wants to share organic farming so kids can also be interested in farming and to continue producing produce for a filipino family to eat.

Dian’s life changed 360 degrees. She thinks that if she wasn’t part of the Session Groceries team specially this pandemic, no one will buy their vegetables. She also decided to close her organic outlet because she feels it won’t give her sales. She is thankful to God for giving Session Groceries as an instrument for her to improve the farmer’s life. From Php1,800 per week to a gross sales of roughly Php 43,200.00 for six months. She’s got a bigger market now and in six months she has earned Php1,055,169.45.

How Diana is dedicated as a farmer

She’s currently building up her greenhouse or rain shelter as her way of preparation for the rainy season. She wanted to protect her products so she can be consistent in delivering good quality. Diana wanted to improve the farm. And this is where she spends her gross income. Her farm has cabbage, mustard, chicharo, pesticide & herbicide free onion leeks, native spinach or talinum, upo, eggplant and sweetcorn. She also sells Daing, Dried bisugo, dapa, barbasan, dilis, pusit, shrimp, tuyo-tonsoy, bagoong, padas, patis & salt.

Diana is very grateful for being part of Session Groceries, and this is the reason why she does her best to protect and maintain a good quality of produce in return for supporting local farmers.