Alfredo Farm

When being together makes them stronger, a husband and wife who patiently work together in farming and never gave up even if they have to sell crops for as low as Php5.00 per kilo, they were still goal-oriented and never made struggles a big deal for them

Being a farmer runs in their blood since that has been the business of Alfredo’s family. They usually borrow funds if the plant or crop has been damaged or affected by a disaster like typhoon. It was just a blessing that they are now able to have enough to pay their debt and that they are able to sustain their daily needs especially the needs of their child. They’ve been part of Session Groceries since August of 2018. They offer ampalaya, french beans & pechay. They usually sell pechay in Baguio City.

They knew Session Groceries from one of our partner farmers, sir Rony Carlos. Emilia and Alfredo didn’t take this big opportunity for granted. They were more inspired to work harder this time even if they had to give their crops for free before because of the small market and low demand of vegetable supply in their area. Emilia & Alfredo never give up even when they even have to sell their crops for as low as Php5.00 per kilo and have to travel from Sablan to Baguio. These two never lose hope that someday it will be a better day for them to sell their crops at the right price.

What’s inspiring with their story is that they were “through ups & downs” and “think positive”. Even the roughest day in their life of farming they never thought of making money in a different way, they never think that life is hard and still be goal oriented so they can achieve what they really want in life. These two have been thankful for learning things from seminars they’ve attended from Session Groceries, from costing to listing & using record book. Alfred & Emilia stick to their goal of having their own lot for building their own house, bigger farm and car.

These couples are forever thankful for having Session Groceries as part of their journey in agri-business. Emilia & Alfredo have learned a lot of things during seminars and they actually enjoyed and have instilled everything in their daily routine. Their positivity in life led them one step closer reaching goals.